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Short Description:

Product features

Body of body.

With shear and self-cleaning function v-shaped valve core.

Straight flow open valve chamber.

Side mounted seal holder.

Upper and lower stem bearing drive protection.

Product application industry

The products are suitable for the automatic control system in paper making, chemical, petroleum, biochemical, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries.It is especially suitable for pulp and fiber.Control of fluid such as dust and particle.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Technical parameters

Caliber: DN20 1 DN250.
Pressure range: PN10 PN64, ASNI150LB, 300LB.
Form of connection: clamp.
℃ temperature range: 120-300 (temperature) – 29-120 (room temperature) – 100-29 (low temperature) < – 100 (t)
Seat seal: hard seal, soft seal.
Flow characteristics: equal percentage.
Seal class: class IV V.
Adjustable ratio: 100:1.
Main material: (1)WCB, (2)CF8, (3)CF8M, (4)CF3M.
Driving device: pneumatic, electric.

With the movable seat structure for the clip V ball valve, the seat and the ball will not cause the card resistance or disconnection. The sealing is reliable and the service life is long.V-shaped ball valve valve core is designed with special switch v-notch, the flow capacity is big, small pressure loss, with precise closure properties and control function, flow characteristic is approximate equal percentage.The structure of V – shaped ball is used to solve the problem of the easy – deposited medium.

V-shaped ball valve to the clamp is suitable for Class150 ~ 600, PN1.6 ~ 10.0 MPa, the working temperature of 300 ℃ or less all kinds of piping, used to adjust the medium inside the pipeline pressure and flow rate.Different materials can be used for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea, etc.As there is no gap between valve core and valve seat is back, so have a lot of shear force and self-cleaning performance, especially suitable for containing fibrous or suspension of tiny solid particles and the solid granular control.Therefore, this product can be widely used in oil, chemical, paper making, electric power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industrial sectors automatic control system.

The main characteristics of clip V ball valve

1. Compact structure, small volume, adjustable vertical position, etc.

2. Excellent regulation features: the V ball valve has an approximate percentage of inherent flow characteristics and up to 100:1 adjustable ratio.Therefore, the V type valve can provide accurate control within wide range of variations.

3, the maximum flow volume: because of its streamlined shape and full quarter-turn control, make the maximum volume is extremely high, flow capacity particularly big, small flow resistance, so you can use the smaller more economic and practical valve size.

4. V ball valve adopts double bearing structure, high mechanical stability, small start-up torque, and ensures excellent sensitivity and speed of induction.

5. Maximum reliable (safe) sex: the valve body is a whole, rugged and durable, operation is not affected by pipe pressure, and can avoid leakage of valve body.

6. Superior sealing of metal seats: the v-type ball valve adopts movable metal seat, self-compensation function, and has excellent sealing performance and long service life.In the direction of flow, the leakage volume is less than 10-6 x rated flow coefficient.

7, super shear capacity: V type ball valve with metal hard seal structure, v-shaped ball valve core and the metal seated in the process of turning, v-notch and valve seat can produce a powerful shear force to cut off the impurities such as fiber, with self-cleaning function, avoid valve stuck phenomenon.

8. We can choose the pneumatic, electric, pneumatic and electric control type of our company.Please refer to the site actuator and control valve.

V-shaped ball valve to the clamp with v-shaped incision ball core structure, when the valve is closed, can cut fiber, small particles in the medium, at the same time as there is no gap between valve core and valve seat is back, can wipe the sphere and the scale on the seat, maintain a good seal between the sphere and valve seat.

V ball valves are loaded with a spring or plate spring loaded seat structure, and the spring/plate spring resilient force pushes the seat so that it has a good sealing performance between the ball core and the seat.The seat is automatically adjusted to match the ball core because the seat is loaded with a spring loaded movable structure.

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