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Service industries include: energy, petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical, mining, paper making, environmental protection, biochemical, pharmaceutical, oil, electricity, printing and dyeing, light industry, food, tobacco, sugar, beverage and other fields.

V ball valve introduction.

V type ball valve is a kind of ball valve, it shut down a is half sphere has a V opening, v-shaped opening has a sharp edge, in the process of rotating sphere, wiping, between the closed to the media has a strong cutting force, the sphere of v-shaped opening port to form a fan-shaped area, with the valve seat can change the port area, in the process of rotary forming of medium precision adjustment, it is a kind of Angle of rotation of the regulator, the same as the common ball valve sealing, make it have a combination of regulation and switch two functions, equipped with pneumatic or electric actuators, widely used in industrial process control system

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1. Valve body integral structure: both the clamp and flanged v-type ball valve body are the overall side loading structure with strong structural rigidity, which can not cause deformation and leakage easily.

2. Upper and lower self-lubricating bearings: the valve body is equipped with a self-lubricating bearing, which has a large contact area with the stem, high bearing capacity, and small friction coefficient, so that the torque of the valve is reduced.

3, seat can be according to the needs of medium and conditions, choose metal hard seal or PTFE soft seal: carbide surfacing metal hard seal seat sealing surface and the ball surface hard chromium plated or spray welding, ion nitriding, such as hardening treatment, the service life of the sealing surface, enhance heat resistance increase;Soft sealing PTFE seat or enhanced PTFE seat sealing is good for corrosion resistance and wide range.

4. Economic practicability: the body weight is light, the stem torque is small, and the corresponding specification of pneumatic or electric actuator is small, compared with other types of regulating valves, the cost performance is high.

5, medium adaptation range: because the shear force between the v-shaped opening and valve seat, and in the valve cavity flow smooth and rounded, the medium is not easy to accumulate in the inner chamber, so it except for the liquid medium, more suitable for fiber and solid material medium system control.

6. Precise control of small flow: through the machining of special v-shaped opening of small diameter valve, the small Cv value can be precisely controlled.

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