Stainless Steel Forged Steel Pressure Seal Bonnet Bellows Gate Valve

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Full – forged high – temperature high – pressure bellows, globe valve fusion pressure self – sealing valve and bellows valve technical advantages.

The stable performance of self-sealing valve under high temperature and high pressure.The higher the medium pressure, the greater the upward thrust of the middle path, the better the sealing effect of the middle road, and the leakage of the middle road will not occur.And with bellows valves triple seal design (bellows seal, valve stem packing seal and pour stem seal), when corrugated tube densely failure, stem packing also can avoid leakage, even packing leakage, the valve stem fell in a fully open timely replacement of packing also can prevent the leakage, and conform to the international standard of sealing.

ANSI Bellows Seal Bellows globe valve is a new type of globe valve, because this valve is double seal design, so the sealing performance is more reliable than the ordinary globe valve.


UNIQUE corrugated pipe globe valves have the following characteristics:

1. Bellows + packing double seal design: corrugated pipe formed by metal barrier to prevent leakage and packing after the corrugated tube failure can also provide sealing function, applied more safety, energy saving, environmental protection, zero leakage.

2. Disc conical design: when the valve is closed, the tapered sealing surface with “scraping effect” can automatically remove the surface impurities to ensure the disc has a reliable seal and longer service life.

3. Bellows seal: the key part of the bellows seal cut-off valve is the metal bellows, which ensures no leakage of the bellows assembly through the connection between the automatic rolling cover and the stem.

4. All kinds of disc design can be designed according to the requirements of the working conditions, which can be designed for various disc designs such as throttling disc, cut-off check disc, flat soft seal and so on.

5.The new handwheel design is more ergonomic.Product application: steam system, heating oil system, cold water system, etc.


Material: cast steel, forged steel, stainless steel ANSI material.

Nominal diameter: 1/2 “~16″

The above products can be customized.

Nominal pressure: 150LB~600LB.

The product can be customized for 800LB and above pressure products.

Connection mode: flange, thread, welding (butt welding, socket welding)


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UNIQUE full forging high temperature and high pressure bellows gate valve and globe valve advantages

1. The valve body and cover are connected by pressure self-sealing structure, wedge-shaped sealing ring (graphite clip stainless steel wire) and four-open ring combination;Force the sealing ring under high pressure deformation to achieve reliable seal, the higher the pressure the more reliable sealing.
2, metal bellows, key components of the bellows seal bottom end with stem adopts automatic seam welding welding, the upper connection plate automatic welding seam welding, between the fluid and the valve stem to form a protective barrier, to ensure that the valve stem zero leakage.
3. Reasonable stuffing box design, using the combination of graphite, flexible graphite packing and two ends packing, to ensure that the valve has no external leakage and meets the environmental protection requirements.
4. Stem reverse sealing design can be used in special case to replace packing.
5. The sealing surface of the seat is welded with cemented carbide to ensure long working safety and reliability.
6. The manual switch part adopts the structure of thrust bearing to enable the valve to open quickly and close easily and easily.

Product application: high temperature, high pressure, inflammable, explosive, toxic, strong permeability, radioactivity and precious, high purity media, etc.
Material: forging steel, forging stainless steel nominal diameter: dn15-dn400, 1/2″-16″
Nominal pressure: pn16-pn250, 150LB-2500LB.
It can provide customized PN64 and above pressure products.
Connection mode: flange, thread, welding (butt welding, socket welding)
Applicable temperature: 196 ℃ ~ 600 ℃.

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