Carbon Steel Angle Bellows Seal Globe Valve

Short Description:

Angle Bellows Seal Globe Valve is a new type of globe valve, because this valve is double seal design, so the sealing performance is more reliable than the ordinary globe valve.

UNIQUE Angle bellows globe valves have the following characteristics:
1. Bellows + packing double seal design: corrugated pipe formed by metal barrier to prevent leakage and packing after the corrugated tube failure can also provide sealing function, applied more safety, energy saving, environmental protection, zero leakage.
2. Disc conical design: when the valve is closed, the tapered sealing surface with “scraping effect” can automatically remove the surface impurities to ensure the disc has a reliable seal and longer service life.
3. Bellows seal: the key part of the bellows seal cut-off valve is the metal bellows, which ensures no leakage of the bellows assembly through the connection between the automatic rolling cover and the stem.
4. All kinds of disc design can be designed according to the requirements of the working conditions, which can be designed for various disc designs such as throttling disc, cut-off check disc, flat soft seal and so on.
5. The new handwheel design is more ergonomic.
6. DN150 above products, equipped with triangular positioning device, effectively prevent the valve from shaking in use, make noise, and cause internal damage, the service life is effectively increased by 150%.
7. The valve body adopts German coated sand casting technology to greatly improve the surface finish and mechanical properties of the valve body, reducing the appearance of pores, sand holes and cracks, and enhancing the tensile strength of the castings.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product application: steam system, heating oil system, cold water system, etc.
Material: cast steel, forged steel, stainless steel ANSI material.
Nominal size: DN15~DN400.
Nominal pressure: PN16~40.
It can provide customized PN64 and above pressure products.
Connection mode: flange, thread, welding (butt welding, socket welding)

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