Underground Fully Welded Ball Valve

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Underground Fully Welded Ball Valve (Forged steel welding buried-type ball valve) purpose:

1): City gas: Gas output pipeline, trunk line and feeder supply pipeline.

2): central heating: Large heating equipment output pipelines, trunk lines, feeder.

3): Heat Exchanger: The pipeline and the opening and closing of each circuit.

4): steel mills: Various fluid pipelines, exhaust gas alternative discharge pipelines, gas and thermal supply pipelines, fuel supply pipelines.

5): A variety of industrial equipment, a variety of heat treatment pipelines, a variety of industrial gas and thermal piping.

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Properties of forged steel welded buried ball valve

1): Do not need maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy to install, low operating costs under the long-term reliable operation. The surface of the use of spray treatment technology, gloss beautiful, in the domestic has been at the leading level. There will be no external leakage and other phenomena. The valve body is a welded structure, so the valve is lightweight and easy to insulate. Installation of adjustment mechanism, very simple, operating handle can be removed, reversing the installation.

2) : because the seat is made of carbon fibre reinforced teflon seal ring and disc spring, so the ability to adapt to the change of pressure and temperature, the annotation of pressure and temperature range will not produce any drainage and smooth.

3) : the machining process of the ball has advanced computer detector to track and detect, so the machining accuracy of the ball is high.

4) : as the body material is the same as the pipe material, there will be no uneven stress and no deformation due to the earthquake and the vehicle passing through the ground. The pipeline is resistant to aging.

5) : integral whole welding, equal diameter and variable diameter channel, with fixed ball and floating ball, double piston effect sealing system, automatic injection of sealant type bearing.

6) : in order to prevent electrostatic, stem and sphere and valve stem and packing box with a ball and spring respectively, between conductive can keep all parts of valve and valve body, let electricity pass through are area, release of static electricity.Not only prevent fire, but also prevent corrosion, realize temporary cut off, in order to timely repair.

7) : the stem function of the stem is because the valve stem is affected by the pressure inside the valve, and it always produces a disconnection force, so the stem is designed to prevent the structure.

8) : press the thrust washer with low friction material to push the pressure to the stem, so that the stem only ACTS as a transmission torque.

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