Stainless Steel 3Way Clamp Ball Valve With Pneumatic Actuator

Short Description:

1) Standard: SMS/DIN/3A/ISO/DS
2) Body material: AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L
3) Flux domination of pipeline: 3/4″-2 1/2″ & DN25-100
4) Seal material: EPDM & PTFE
5) Connection code: Straight way type & three ways type
6) Manual actuator: 90degree adjustment handle
7) Working principle: Manual operation or actuating device operation
8) Related products: Flange ball valve, 3ways ball valve, 2ways ball valve and so on

Product Detail

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Technical Parameter

1) Working pressure: 0-10bar, Min pressure with vaccuum; Max pressure with 10bars
2) Working temperature: -10degree ~ 105degree
3) External part: Ra<1.6um & Internal part: Ra<0.6um


1) Low to torgue design results in cost effective actuation
2) suitable for aggressive chemical enviroment
3) Multi-stop handle for fine control, and looking handle option
4) Steam self-compresating for temperature and pressure
5) Easy to assemble a patented ball-body self alignment feature
6) Suitable for pigging system

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