Parallel Double Disc Gate Valve,WCB,CF8,CF3,CF8M,CF3M,LCB,LCC,LC1,

Short Description:

Apply wedge flexible disc structure, Rolling bearing is set in valves with large and medium diameter,which can be closed easily,the flange applies stainless steel sprial wound gasket with graphite or compound gasket.The stem sealing applies extend graphite stuffing with reliable sealing.Impact structure and elegant outline.
Different materials can be applied to various fluids respectively,such as water,vapour,oil products,nitric acid,intense oxidation fluid and use,etc.

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Technical parameters and characteristics

Product Parallel Disc Gate Valve
Nominal diameter 2″ - 48″ DN50 - DN1200
Design temp.  -196℃ - 593℃
Design pressure class 150 - 1500  PN16 - PN250
Material A216 WCB, WCC; A217 WC6, WC9, C5, C12A; A352 LCB, LCC;
A890 4A(CD3MN), 5A(CE3MN), 6A(CD3MWCuN);
ASTM B 148 C95800, C95500
Design standard API 6D
Face to Face ASME B16.10 EN558 series
Connection end RF, RTJ, BW EN1092 series
Test standard API 598, ISO 5208 EN12266-1
Operation Hand wheel, bevel gear, electric-AUMA, Rotork, pneumatic
Application Power station, petroleum, tap water engineering, chemical engineering
Feature 1 Single Disc
Feature 2 Double Disc
Feature 3 SOFT seal: fire safe, double sleeve sealed, double block & bleed, self cavity relief, emergency sealant injection, diversion hole design.
Feature 4 Metal seal: double sleeve sealed, hard seat seal, double block & bleed, self cavity relief, diversion hole design.

Technical Data

(1) Nominal Diameter DN(mm):DN40-DN1200 (1-1/2″~48″)
(2) Nominal Pressure PN(MPa): 0.6MPa~10.0MPa (class150~class900)
(3) Testing Pressure PN(MPa): Shell: 0.9~15 MPa Sealing: 0.66~11 MPa
(4) Suitable Mediums:  Water,Steam,Oils,Gas
(5) Working Temperature:-20~+425°C

Design consideration

Design Standard: API 600 , EN10434 , DIN3352
Face to Face: ASME B16.10, EN 558, DIN3202
End Flange: ASME B16.5(ASME B16.47), EN1092, DIN2533
Butt welding Ends: ASME B16.25, EN12627, DIN3239
Inspection and Test: API 598, en12266, DIN3230

Body Material could be

Cast steel / stainless steel 304/316

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